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All items are priced according to the nature of any imperfections which excludes VAT (VAT will be applied when applicable)
Please note that some items may have flaws or anomalies and so please check that they will suit your purposes before buying
Photographs of individual items can be sent on request.

In the cupboard items are not returnable. 

Violin Pegs

Violin, style C pegs as follows 2 sets x Ebony, 2 sets x Rosewood, 1 set x African Blackwood 

All of the above are perfect so will be full price with immediate delivery available. 

Bespoke design, antique-stained pegs with mother-of -pearl inlay – photo and price upon request

1x Style G in Santos

2 x Style A in stained boxwood with ebony mounts

Viola Pegs

Style E in rosewood

Cello Pegs

Style A in stained boxwood with non-animal ‘ivory’ mounts

Style A in stained boxwood with ebony mounts (two sets available)

Violin Tailpieces

1 x French II in Ebony, with boxwood fret, length 110mm

1 x French II in African Blackwood, with non-animal ‘ivory’ fret, length 110mm

1 x English I in African Blackwood, with ebony fret, length 112mm

5 x English I in Stained Boxwood with ebony fret, length 110mm

Viola tailpieces

1 x French in stained boxwood, length 135mm

1 x English II in stained boxwood, length 125mm with ebony fret 

2 x English I in stained boxwood, length 142mm

1 x French II in plum, length 133mm

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