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Heather Tuach playing her Hansell 'Gofriller' Cello

Heather Tuach playing her Hansell 'Gofriller' Cello


The 'Gofriller' Cello

This instrument is well known to cello connoisseurs, though it must be said, it is not often realised when it is being played that it is modern. It first made a stir when it was played at the Manchester International cello competition, evincing gasps from the audience, who recognised its very sophisticated sound qualities. The sound judging and playing in the Hall was anonymous, so listeners had only their ears to go on.
The cello was made for Moray Welsh as a copy of his Matteo Gofriller original of 1701. The original is now played by the noted French soloist Gautier Capuçon. Roger's copy is now owned by Heather Tuach of the Greenwich Trio and is often heard in concerts around the world.

On the 'You Tube' link above you can hear - 'Heather Tuach plays a tribute to her father with Laude, for John Tuache' by Marcus Barcham Stevens. 

In this next link Heather is playing Beethoven Op 11 Adagio with Greenwich Trio. (The Greenwich Trio is formed of violinist Lana Trotovšek, cellist Heather Tuach and pianist Yoko Misumi).