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Hansell Cello Reunion.

Hansell Cello Reunion.


They've come from far and wide but if you want to commission and don't know which model, now might be a good time to try.

"We were at a family reunion yesterday - a cello family reunion at Roger Hansell Violins! Here you can see four of the superb cellos Roger has exquisitely copied with extraordinary exactness from the originals.

Left to right they are the 1726 Marquis de Corberon Stradivarius (the original played by Zara Nelsova and now Steven Isserlis), the 1712 Davidov Stradivarius (the original played by Jacqueline Du Pre and now Yo-Yo Ma), the Peter Guarneri of Venice 3 and Peter Guarneri of Venice 2.

We're sure you'll agree that they look absolutely stunning and the craftsmanship is breathtaking in its beauty and detail. The instruments all have their own personality and sound quite superb, all being eager to speak with their own voices. What an experience and joy it has been to hear and see all these cellos together. An unforgettable family reunion. Roger ~ we salute you!"
           - James Sutton, 31st May 2015.