Our range of fine English fittings are made in our own workshop which is uniquely equipped for the complex processes involved in a wide range of making activities. The workshop is a recognized source of excellence for makers and leading violin houses around the world. Our fittings are hand finished and we can vary the shank diameter for you.

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Wood Weights

The sound of a violin may be affected by the weight of the tailpiece as well as by its length. Some of our clients are looking for lightness others for the heaviest wood so we have included this comparative measure of typical samples of various woods. This comparison of the weight of different woods may also be significant in the choice of pegs and, ​​​particularly chinrests.The tailpiece designs are approximately as follows in weight terms:

Lightest to Heaviest Tailpieces,

French II

English I

English II, French

Lightest to Heaviest Chinrests,





Wood Selection Needs colouring after fitting? Relative Weight Colour
African Blackwood no 3.3 slightly brown black
Cocobolo no 2.8 quite dark red brown
Ebony no 2.6 black
European Boxwood yes (method here) 2.5 Nitric stained colour, darkens with ammonia
Rosewood no 2.4 dark chocolate
Plum no 2.0 warm pinkish brown, darkens with ageing