A new Andrea Amati

Instruments by Andrea Amati are always special and this is true of this small violin which used to be displayed in the Royal Academy of Music but which now belongs to the Jumpstart Foundation in the Netherlands. I have known this violin for many years and have a bit of a history with it – many years ago when restoration of the original top of the violin was first muted I was commissioned to make a new top in order to maintain the violin in playable condition. I based my copy on the violin housed at Tullie House, Carlisle.
Many years elapsed before finally the violin was donated, now complete with its top beautifully restored by Anneleen Fairfax – van der Grinten, to Jumpstart Foundation. My top was now in need of back, ribs and scroll to become a viable musical concern again and I was thrilled to be commissioned by a private client in the North of England to complete this special violin. These pictures show the result of my endeavours.

Front, back and sides all in one go and the treble side of the scroll too.


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