Hansell Violins, under the leadership of Roger Hansell, have been making prestigious instruments since 1987. This small company expanded in 1993 to its current premises in Leyburn in the beautiful North Yorkshire Dales, where it makes violins, violas and ‘cellos as well as being uniquely equipped to make their superb fittings from many classic woods.



Roger Hansell, is a renowned British Luthier. His reputation has developed over many years for the making of exceptional copies of historic instruments. Roger studied Fine Art under Patrick Reyntiens and Cecil Collins at the Central School of Art in London. He was inspired by their teaching which stressed the importance of craftsmanship in art and vice versa and this principle can be traced throughout his work. After beginning his career in Italy, he has been based in the market town of Leyburn for over twenty five years.

Your first contact with Hansell Violins will usually be on the telephone or by email and you will always receive courteous and relevant advice. Instrument making is under the direction of Roger Hansell, whose reputation in this field is second to none.

Carlos Libreros works alongside Roger, being carefully guided in all aspects of instrument making having completed his training at the Newark School of violin making.

All the fittings makers work under the direction of Georgina Keays, who has many years of experience of every aspect of this work. Matthew Trout works with Georgina to make fittings which are not only used by ourselves for our own instruments but sent to customers in every corner of the world.

At Hansell Violins, the guiding belief is that everything should be done as beautifully as possible, and everyone involved in the making subscribes to this idea. This short film below gives a little more information about us so please take some time to watch it and learn some more.



We feel that fittings on an instrument are crucially important and the
set up should never be compromised by a tailpiece, pegs or any other
part being of inappropriate size. We will always make exactly the size of
tailpiece that you require; this way the sound of your instruments
can be at its optimum.


We will always use the best available materials and will try to stay
on top of changes in supply regulations and ever changing customs
rules. We aim to provide the best service over our competitors, but
not compromise on our friendly and accommodating reputation,
we always want to say ‘yes’ to you, the client.


We will always put our client’s wishes first, and try to accommodate
them wherever possible. We believe the exact source of wood is
becoming more and more of an issue, and we fully support efforts
to safeguard the endangered habitats from which it comes. We
are investigating native materials in the hopes of finding suitable
and beautiful alternatives to endangered species. We make everything
here in the workshop using the many specialised tools of the trade.